[LV2] pset:name for altering port names?

Milkii B milkii+lv2devel at thingsandstuff.org
Thu Apr 30 05:17:21 PDT 2020

Thanks for the reflections.

I'm not tied to this being preset related. The gist is two things; a) the
renaming of ports, and b) recalling user made port renaming in a completely
different host.

Re a);

Addressing your second paragraph; forgetting presets, is there anything
stopping hosts just letting users alter port names? From the responses when
I brought this up in #lv2, the possibility of hosts just allowing that,
plus a host saving that information in its own state save file, seemed to
be something that could be implemented in the here and now.

Re b);

For data portability, i.e., to be able to reload such changes in a
different host, needs a specification level mechanism.

"Such a concept would need to be sufficiently flexible, support
translations, and retain the layout"

"Flexible" is a nebulous descriptor :) Might you be able to expand on that?

"Translations" - there is already a Turtle mechanism for storing
localisations (is it in the spec? it's in the book). Would it not be more a
host UI question as to how that would be implemented?

"retain the layout" - there is the plugin GUI layout, the
autogenerated-by-the-host plugin-configuration layout, maybe a graph
layout. What am I missing?

For the latter two (or any other possible place a host might display a port
name), is that not just a host UI issue?

Plugins that eventually might directly allow users to change such a label
in their GUI would make accommodations for text entry, just as in other
contexts where they do allow such.

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