[LV2] pset:name for altering port names?

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Wed Apr 29 15:17:14 PDT 2020

On 4/29/20 3:19 PM, Milkii B wrote:
> I have wondered before about renaming ports so they are not so
> unenlightening/confusing in a patchbay. Recently I had the thought again
> whilst using the new uhhyou CVPort
> <https://github.com/ryukau/LV2Plugins/tree/master/lv2cvport> CV_Gate16
> plugin.
> How about a new pset:name for lv2:port in presets to allow either plugins
> or users to supply alternate port name labels (given the symbol is the id)?
> Some use cases: a mixer plugin where internal user-defined channel names
> are be reflected in the output port names; a synth plugin where an output
> port name alters depending on the waveform/etc selected; and (in-between
> those two) a generator plugin (*a la* CV_Gate16) where the user could
> relabel the control output names depending on the use they are put to.
Why would any of these depend on the preset?
Naming ports seem rather orthogonal to preset plugin state.

In your example, changing a waveform of a synth would first need to save
and restore a preset in order to update a label on the faceplate.

Presets aside, I don't think it's realistic to come up with a schema to
update port labels on a host side UI. Such a concept would need to be
sufficiently flexible, support translations, and retain the layout. Also
for a mixer-strip or gate label, the name should be user-editable
directly in the GUI.

If you need to change the faceplate, custom UIs are likely the best (and
only) way to handle this.


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