[LV2] pset:name for altering port names?

Milkii B milkii+lv2devel at thingsandstuff.org
Wed Apr 29 06:19:48 PDT 2020

I have wondered before about renaming ports so they are not so
unenlightening/confusing in a patchbay. Recently I had the thought again
whilst using the new uhhyou CVPort
<https://github.com/ryukau/LV2Plugins/tree/master/lv2cvport> CV_Gate16

How about a new pset:name for lv2:port in presets to allow either plugins
or users to supply alternate port name labels (given the symbol is the id)?

Some use cases: a mixer plugin where internal user-defined channel names
are be reflected in the output port names; a synth plugin where an output
port name alters depending on the waveform/etc selected; and (in-between
those two) a generator plugin (*a la* CV_Gate16) where the user could
relabel the control output names depending on the use they are put to.

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