[LV2] Startup slloowwss dooooowwwwnn???

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Wed Oct 29 17:33:54 PDT 2014

On 2014-10-28 11:22, hermann meyer wrote:
> Am 28.10.2014 15:18, schrieb Stefano D'Angelo:
>>> As I said, this behavior I notice with a updated LV2 core and not
>>> updated
>>> >naspro-bridges.
>>> >With updated naspro-bridges, I receive just a single error message.
>>> >
>>>> >>Warning: unknown parameter map_curve for plugin organ
>>>> >>Warning: unknown parameter perc_timbre for plugin organ
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >But, the slow down on start-up a host application, eg. scan the
>>> world, is
>>> >"horrible", even with updated naspro-bridges. And even more notable
>>> is, the
>>> >slow down of a single plugin load. That is horrible, updated
>>> naspro-bridges,
>>> >or not, with lv2-dev 1.10.0 and libliv-dev 0.20.0, naspro-bridges
>>> becomes
>>> >unusable.
>>> >
>>> >regards
>>> >hermann
>> Mmm, do you happen to have dssi-vst installed?
>> Stefano
> Like most audiophile linux users, sure, I've dssi-vst installed (even if
> I didn't use it, I've installed it, play with it for some tests, and
> forgot about it, but leave it installed), but, it comes back to mind
> when I run into this issue.
> So, I've already removed it, check with and without it, didn't helped
> ether. All, what helps me, is, remove naspro-bridges.
> The most annoying behave is, that the single plugin load gets horrible
> delayed with naspro-bridges installed, that seems to me, be related, to
> a rescan/read/port/bridge/ of all installed ladspa plugs, at any single
> plugin load call. May it be, that lilv search for the plug, when it get
> called, call naspro, if it have them, and then naspro looks if it could
> find, . . . .however, . . . indeed with dssi-vst this become nearly
> endless (but, dssi-vst only rescan the path, if you force that,
> otherwise it stated "uptodate"), but as well without, it's unacceptable.
> I've installed/remove them several times now, after this report, to test
> and check if other circumstances be related, sorry to say, but I cant
> find others.

Exactly what case are you referring to as "single plugin load" here?


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