[LV2] [solved]State example?

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Mar 16 14:11:23 PDT 2013

Am 16.03.2013 21:51, schrieb David Robillard:
> On Sat, 2013-03-16 at 21:37 +0100, hermann meyer wrote:
>> Am 16.03.2013 21:22, schrieb David Robillard:
>>> On Sat, 2013-03-16 at 20:30 +0100, hermann meyer wrote:
>>>> Am 16.03.2013 20:15, schrieb David Robillard:
>>>>> On Sat, 2013-03-16 at 19:41 +0100, hermann meyer wrote:
>>>>> [...]
>>>>>> So, after I have #included "lv2/lv2plug.in/ns/ext/presets/presets.h"
>>>>>> in my plug header, presets are saved by ardour3 as suspected.
>>>>> Er... there is absolutely no possible way this could affect that
>>>>> behaviour whatsoever.  That header only contains a few convenience
>>>>> #defines for URI strings.
>>>>> -dr
>>>> Well, I comes to the same conclusion, but I have nothing others changed,
>>>> then include it into the plug header and include it to my ttl file. Now
>>>> preset saving in ardour works.
>>> It must be a coincidence that it happened to work.  Including headers
>>> and defining prefixes can not possibly affect behaviour like this.
>>>> For the record, ardour didn't save presets in bundles, it use a single
>>>> mainfest.ttl file for all presets from all plugs. It just save then the
>>>> presetname.ttl file in ./lv2/presets
>>> Yes, I just looked in to this.  Ardour is not saving presets in such a
>>> great way.
>>> It might be a nice idea to make a global configuration file for lilv so
>>> the user can configure where to save prefixes, maybe with a path and URI
>>> template or something...
>>>> Attached is a saved preset from jalv with the missing rdf:label
>>> Hm?  It has an rdfs:label...
>>> -dr
>> well, the problem seems to be line 9
>> <>
> It looks correct.  The URI in the manifest matches the URI in the file (<>  is equal to the URI of the current file).
>> which looks in working preset files like this one:
>> <http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gx_amp#GUITARIX#ampeg>
> If you change that in just the data file and not the manifest you have a
> broken bundle.  I suspect you have a ton of presets all over the place
> with conflicting URIs.

Äh, no, I have just started with presets in lv2, so I have just a few 
were I'm experience with.
To clarify it, this happen with this preset be the only on.

> Ardour definitely should not be inventing preset URIs as sub-URIs of the
> plugin's like this.  I don't know who did that but it needs to be fixed.
>> ardour, qtractor and as well jalv claims here, that there is a missing
>> rdfs:label
>> when there is only
>> <>
>> and refuse to load/present the preset.
>> fill the line fix it for me here.
> I don't think you are loading the preset you think you are loading.
> This preset should work fine, its URI will be something like
> file:///home/username/.lv2/ampeg.lv2/ampeg.ttl (depending on where you
> put it, of course)
I save it in /home./lv2
as the only one at all.
with no other preset dir or preset on the system (well I delete all)

> I can't test it because I don't know where this plugin is from.  I just
> built the most recent Guitarix release, and there is no plugin
> <http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gx_amp#GUITARIX>, I get these:
> $ lv2ls | grep guitarix
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#12AT7
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#12AT7_stereo
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#12ax7
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#12ax7_stereo
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6C16
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6C16_stereo
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6DJ8
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6DJ8_stereo
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6V6
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxamp#6V6_stereo
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxautowah#autowah
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxautowah#wah
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxbooster#booster
> http://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gxts9#ts9sim
> In any case, use lv2info on the plugin, it will tell you what presets
> apply to it by URI (i.e. unambiguously, unlike the label shown in the
> above mentioned GUIs)
> -dr
Indeed, this isn't released, it's just in GIT

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/guitarix/git guitarix-git

I plan to replace all other gxamp plugs with this one, because it 
include the full guitarix head with all options(18 tube settings , 26 
tonestacks and 17 cabinets to select from).


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