[LV2] A question related to X11 based UIs

Iurie Nistor iur.nistor at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 05:23:35 PST 2021


My developed plugin is based on another own develop GUI toolkit that 
uses XLib. In Ardour

if I am opening two plugins UI and than close then one after another the 
host will crash because|it receives an X Window Error.| It might be that 
I am doing something wrong but it crashes because I am calling 
XCloseDisplay every time the plugin UI is closed. The display, i.e. the 
connection with the X sever is created//with XOpenDisplay(NULL) every 
time the UI is opened. The interesting fact is that it crashes only when 
the second time XCloseDisplay is called. I thought that maybe I am 
closing twice

the same connection but not. Also, I cannot experience this problem with 
hosts like QTractor (Qt based), zrythm (GTK based), and MusE (Qt based). 
I could dig more into the problem but maybe someone knows why this might 

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