[LV2] Add/remove/change ports from practical view ?

Sven Jaehnichen sjaehn at jahnichen.de
Tue May 26 23:24:04 PDT 2020


I know that lv2core tells that
* Change of a port lv2:symbol, or
* Remove of a port, or
* Addition of a port unless it is lv2:connectionOptional
breaks compatibility (both, forward and backward) and requires a new 
major version number and thus a new URI for the respective plugin (see 

On the other hand I (and others) experienced that the most (if not all) 
hosts are tolerant about additions (even without 
lv2:connectionOptional). Unless it is an unsupported feature. Also 
deletions seem to be possible. Only changing the lv2:symbol of a port is 
EVIL (and this makes sense).

Are there any know *practical* problems about the addition of 
non-connectionOptional ports or the remove of *unused* ports? I ask 
because I have some of such *unused* ports.

For the case that this is only a theoretical problem, wouldn't it be 
possible to be less strict (now: capitalized MUST) about addtitons 
and/or deletions?


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