[LV2] A question about plugin presets

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Sun Oct 13 23:21:39 PDT 2019

Am 13.10.19 um 20:27 schrieb Iurie Nistor:
> What I am thinking is (hope it makes sense)...
> for example, the host user created a preset list (or a tree) of a
> particular plugin by using the host preset browser. Than to be able to
> export this list/tree into the plugin native preset files. Thus, the
> user will be able to share their created instrument/effect presets on
> the Internet or whatever.
> I see that in the states saved in $HOME/.lv2 there is a field called
> state:state in the *.ttl file. I see that usually plugins provides the
> data for this filed in the same way they save the preset into a file.
> Probably using LV2 API the host can get this data, and also can get
> the file extension name and, thus, can save the preset into the file.
> At the end there will a possibility to export the entire tree in
> folders like:
> /PluginName
>    /snares
>         snare1.ext
>         snare2.ext
>   /kicks
>          kick1.ext
>         kick2.ext
>    etc.. etc...
> Than someone just archive this and share the presets on the Internet.
> Otherwise plugin authors need to implemented file dialogs (difficult
> to implement outside of the normal GUI toolkits) in order to offer
> users to save their created presets.
> Yes, plugins authors will need to follow LV2 standard in order to
> enable this possibility for their plugins. Maybe even for importing
> presets.

Maybe I misunderstand your question, but I'll try to clear it a bit.

Plugin presets, been saved and load by the host, not by the plugin. The
plugin itself didn't need to do anything for that, except it needs some
data beside the port data, which it could provide then via the state
interface to the host. But even that didn't change the meaning of
presets here.

Presets been a host side thingy. The host load/save a preset and
send/fetch the data to/from the plugin.

Because presets been saved in the global LV2 path, any host could use
any plugin preset from a other host. Sharing presets is simply possible
by copy the files over to a other machine. Even package them and provide
them with a installer to share them is a simple task.

That's why I didn't understand your question.

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