[LV2] A question about plugin presets

Hanspeter Portner dev at open-music-kontrollers.ch
Thu Oct 10 06:46:20 PDT 2019

Am 10.10.19 um 15:14 schrieb Iurie Nistor:
> and categorize these saved states as 
> presets, by author, instrument, name, even set some ratings, most used 
> etc.

By default, only preset label (e.g. name) can be chosen in hosts.

But hosts could add arbitrary metadata to presets like author, rating, etc.

I don't think that any host actually does offer the user to do so as of
today, though.

p.s. for host devs: there's the (somewhat) new 'lilv_state_set_metadata'
function for that purpose.

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