[LV2] Are there LV2 filters besides equalizers?

Yuri yuri at rawbw.com
Tue Sep 19 12:50:18 PDT 2017

On 09/18/17 08:41, Spencer Jackson wrote:
> Sounds like a good use for impulse responses to me if you really want 
> arbitrary amplitudes. Probably the easiest way to construct an 
> arbitrary one though (without measuring a real system) would be 
> through scripting (i.e. gnu octave or there's probably a python 
> library for iffts). That way isn't especially easy though if you 
> aren't familiar with iffts. Once you have it going there are several 
> LV2 convolution plugins.
> Maybe just a graphical eq would do what you want. Thats the closest 
> thing I can think of to "draw your own amplitude response." Guitarix 
> and LSP (http://lsp-plug.in/?page=home) have some, including a 32 band 
> from LSP. TBH I prefer a parametric eq for most tasks.

Thank you for this information.

It is easy to do a convolution. But finding the right linear filter 
coefficients seems to be a non-trivial problem, and an active research area.

There is also the pyFDA project that can help to design and analyze a 
linear filter: https://github.com/chipmuenk/pyFDA It probably could add 
the IFFT approach, I will suggest it to them.



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