[LV2] plea to plugin UI devs

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Mar 19 05:41:34 PDT 2016

On 03/19/2016 12:55 PM, Filipe Coelho wrote:
> On 19.03.2016 11:58, Albert Graef wrote:
>> So exactly which library do you want us to implement our plugin GUIs
>> with?

I intentionally did not recommend a specific one, as you put it:
"Was dem einen sin Uhl..." (One man's meat is another man's poison.)

> I think the first email was clear:
>> **Please avoid big toolkit and be careful with C++**

Over the course of this thread various options have been mentioned and
shortcomings of others have been pointed out.

Go take your pick.

Personally I prefer pugl + cairo (but I also prefer vim, and serif
fonts, and take my coffee with milk but no sugar...)

> You can also roll your own mini-toolkit. Here's some examples:
> drumgizmo: http://cgit.drumgizmo.org/drumgizmo/tree/plugingui
> oxefmsynth:
> https://github.com/oxesoft/oxefmsynth/blob/master/src/toolkits/xlibtoolkit.cpp
> linuxdsp/overtonedsp (no links to code for obvious reasons..)

Mark McCurry is currently writing one for zynadsubfx (mruby-zest).

In the proprietary world it is quite common that every plugin [vendor]
creates a dedicated toolkit, mainly because there are no toolkits
suitable for pro-audio.

In the free software world, various endeavors exist. At the time of
writing, Filipe's DPF is probably the sanest option. It certainly has
lots of momentum, has reasonable documentation and quite a few plugins
are using it.

I hope that clarifies things,

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