[LV2] Mapping of OSC to LV2 Atoms

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Jun 22 13:08:48 PDT 2015

On 06/19/2015 10:33 PM, Hanspeter Portner wrote:

Let me echo thanks for doing this! Great news and good job. Kudos.

only a simple remark:

> even more exotic types
> 'c'    char          LV2_Atom_Int
> 'S'    char []       LV2_Atom_String
> 'm'    uint8_t [4]   LV2_Atom_Chunk (type=MIDI__MidiEvent)

is Chunk correct here?

I'd expect a LV2_Atom_Event with type MIDI__MidiEvent (inside an Atom
Sequence) in the plugin.

> '['']' ?             LV2_Atom_Vector (ctype=LV2_Atom_Int/Float/...)


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