[LV2] Feedback request: new LV2 website

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Tue Nov 25 23:53:37 PST 2014

On 2014-11-25 23:25, Robin Gareus wrote:
> On 11/26/2014 05:00 AM, David Robillard wrote:
>> On 2014-11-25 21:01, Robin Gareus wrote:
>>> On 11/26/2014 02:03 AM, David Robillard wrote:
>>>> One thing I can't figure out, if any web ninjas are lurking about: the
>>>> images scale (preserving aspect) to fit the gallery box, but I can't get
>>>> them vertically centered when they are smaller.
>>> We should not do that. All front-page featured images should have the
>>> same size. Prepared manually (collage, crop/clip, ...).
>> Why not?  I mean, sure, a nice consistent set of images would be better,
>> but what's the harm in supporting ones with different aspect ratios
>> correctly? 
> It will be very hard to make it look professional and convey "quality".

... oookay then.  You have a "why?" with a little less hand-waving? :P

> [..]
>> Like it or not, many plugin UIs have dramatically different
>> aspect ratios.  We might not want to scale in one dimension, but that
>> needs to be handled correctly anyway.
> right make a 'collage' then. eg
> http://calf.sourceforge.net/images/plugins.png
> or http://ardour.org/images/plugin-collage.png
> for inspiration also have a look at http://www.waves.com/
> http://harrisonconsoles.com/site/store-mixbus-plugins.html
> https://www.pianoteq.com/pianoteq5 heck even http://steinberg.net/

*Goes to waves.com, clicks plugins, sees a bunch of scaled images with
different aspect ratios*

> I don't suggest to copy their /sales-banding-style/ but just slapping up
> a few auto-generated screenshots in various sizes and harlequin colours
> on the lv2 front-page won't fly, IMHO.

You're really just saying the screenshots suck.  Fine, they suck, but
that's not even related to aspect and decent alignment.

> We can start a list one click away that indexes plugins with
> auto-generated screenshots in various sizes... but I recommend to not do
> that on the landing page.

Not worth the effort.  Granted, my view about what's important is
skewed, but we just need a couple of shiny pictures on the main page for
the sort of people who need shiny pictures.  That's all.

The number of *developers* who are about to choose an *API* based on
shiny pictures on a main page is approximately zero anyway.  We're not
selling plugins to users, this is just some flair to make the project
look fancy.

GUIs are just pictures that could be of any plugin API.  If there's some
(partially-)graphical content that actually pitched the strengths of LV2
somehow, I'd be much more interested.

>> Feel free ;)  I would prefer not having some mountainous "web framework"
> ..followed up on IRC. We found this CSS-only beauty:
> http://codepen.io/pixelgrid/pen/hjBrE  worth sharing.

This is nice, though using some JS isn't the end of the world anyway.
Links to anything other than the image itself would probably be
difficult, links to the image just needs a trivial template mod.

Anyway, I have already spent WAY more of my time than is sensible on
this crap, and am more than exhausted with it.  Even within the scope of
just LV2 itself (a tiny fragment of what I need to be doing), it's not
an effective use of my time as basically the only person around actually
working on the spec.

I don't think I could have possibly made it any easier to contribute to,
so: patches welcome.

I'll be over here doing what I do.  Which isn't making screenshots.


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