[LV2] Killing the event extension

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Tue Jan 28 21:56:59 PST 2014

Am 29.01.2014 00:57, schrieb David Robillard:
> On 14-01-28 04:38 PM, hermann meyer wrote:
> [...]
>>> There comes a point when letting a few straggler projects cripple LV2
>>> itself
>>> is counter-productive. That point is rapidly approaching. It doesn't
>>> take a
>>> decade to move a few plugins to a slightly different event API.
>> I would love if we talk about hosts implement the basic features, like
>> the work extension, but I'm not aware that there is a concurrent way of
>> implement the event extension.
> I don't understand what you are getting at. What does the work 
> extension have to do with anything?

I, would love if you would start to "presure" host author’s to include 
the work extension instead talk about that you would start to "pressure" 
host author's to remove the event extension. ;-)

> There is, at this point, no point in plugins implementing both (which 
> indeed, you can't easily do). That's the point of this thread. Just 
> switch.
>> However, now big deal. As I said, I'll just remove the midi extension of
>> gxtuner.lv2 and be done.
> Why? Removing it is probably just as much work as updating it. That's 
> silly.

Because I never made it to the atom message struct. I've spent some 
weeks with it, before I've decided to use the event extension instead. 
Removing the midi output of the tuner is a easy task.

>> But, I guess you know yourself the light of what it means to remove a
>> support for a once implemented feature. Instance access??
> ... Huh?

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