[LV2] Pd LV2 external?

Albert Graef aggraef at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 00:43:36 PST 2014

Does anyone know about an existing LV2 external for Pd? If there's one
out there, I haven't been able to find it.

Failing that, how would one go about writing such an external? (I
already know how to write Pd externals, I'm only interested in the LV2
side.) I'd need to load an LV2 plugin and invoke it on control and
MIDI data and blocks of audio samples. I guess that using lilv is the
right way to do that. Is there a minimal lilv example which I could
study? Or do I need to look at Jalv? Ingen??


Dr. Albert Gr"af
Dept. of Music-Informatics, University of Mainz, Germany
Email:  aggraef at gmail.com
WWW:    https://plus.google.com/+AlbertGraef

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