[LV2] plugin development for the complete and utter idiot

Aurélien Leblond blablack at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 11:04:56 PDT 2013

> my name is Paul
Hi Paul :)

> and I started writing LV2-plugins yesterday. Managed to create
> a comb-filter and various multimode filters using Lars Luthman's tutorial for
> complete idiots. The C++ wrapper really is an awesome concept and I'd like to
> stick to that interface if it is expandable and does not come with limits regarding
> MIDI usage. And that's exactly where my questions start:

I would advise to use LVTK instead of this wrapper.
It's still under dev and I think it's support newer stuff than the old
C++ wrapper.

> 3. Are there any coherent tutorials (i.e. not just commented *.c files) on how to keep > going after having read LL's pages? I feel a little sick of C right now and do really
> appreciate some of the language features C++ has to offer. BUT if there is a
> *comprehensive* and *detailed* tutorial for the standard C approach, I wouldn't
> mind doing that, either.

the lvtoolkit.org has a few example - but I have to admit I struggle
as well to get tutorials, especially when dealing with Atoms.
I'm using that one at the moment which I found can be easily translater to LVTK:

Hope this helps!

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