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Paul Eggert pweggert at yahoo.de
Sat Oct 5 13:32:22 PDT 2013


my name is Paul and I started writing LV2-plugins yesterday. Managed to create a comb-filter and various multimode filters using Lars Luthman's tutorial for complete idiots. The C++ wrapper really is an awesome concept and I'd like to stick to that interface if it is expandable and does not come with limits regarding MIDI usage. And that's exactly where my questions start:

1. Does Lars Luthmans wrapper (I suspect the project is known around here as it is in the repos of various large Linux distros) limit me in terms of what features and extensions I can use?
2. This RDF thing appears to me as a very abstract and frankly quite intimidating concept. There seem to be no defined keywords and such. How am I supposed to know how and what I can use as a port in my *.ttl files? What can be used as a predicate, what as a possible object? How could I access things like time:frame? Can I read that data like a port? How would the *.ttl definition of that port look like? I heard "atom port" was the magic keyword. 
3. Are there any coherent tutorials (i.e. not just commented *.c files) on how to keep going after having read LL's pages? I feel a little sick of C right now and do really appreciate some of the language features C++ has to offer. BUT if there is a *comprehensive* and *detailed* tutorial for the standard C approach, I wouldn't mind doing that, either.

Thank you in advance for your replies and thanks for all your work you put in developing the LV2 standard.

Kind regards,
Paul Eggert
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