[LV2] Ui update rate

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu May 9 11:54:42 PDT 2013

Am 09.05.2013 20:42, schrieb David Robillard:
> On Tue, 2013-05-07 at 05:02 +0200, hermann meyer wrote:
>> Well, I'm happy with a refresh rate around 30Hz even with 20hz I'm okay,
>> even when it differ between those rates. But with jalv I get 2hz, and
>> that is a way to low for my needs. That fact leads me to the questions I
>> come up here with.
> [...]
> Done.  Updates will happen at at least 25Hz unless the user explicitly
> specifies a lower one
> http://dev.drobilla.net/changeset/5106
> However, note that this only applies to control ports (since those
> notifications are generated by Jalv, essentially polling).  For event
> ports, everything is sent, so 'rate' is more of a buffer size problem.
> This is also currently unrelated to idle callback frequency, which is
> always 30Hz.
> -dr
Thanks David

that is very much appreciated. :-)


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