[LV2] Ui update rate

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Mon May 6 20:02:09 PDT 2013

Am 07.05.2013 00:31, schrieb David Robillard:
> Anything that assumes a constant refresh rate would be wrong anyway.
> While there is a target rate the host uses (30Hz in everything I know of
> right now, for the idle interface), you can't assume you actually get
> actually 30Hz.  Even if it's roughly right it will drift significantly
> very quickly.
Hi David

Well, I'm happy with a refresh rate around 30Hz even with 20hz I'm okay, 
even when it differ between those rates. But with jalv I get 2hz, and 
that is a way to low for my needs. That fact leads me to the questions I 
come up here with.

> Telling the plugin about an update rate makes sense (though this is not
> necessarily directly related to the actual UI update rate, since there
> can be all kinds of mechanism in-between, e.g. network)
> We could simply define a property for that and pass it as an option.
> Easy.  Changing while an instance is running seems overthought, though
> one could use the dynamic option interface to do so if really necessary.
That will be very welcome. :-)

As well I would love if you accept Robins patch to set the signaling 
rate for engine /UI communication.


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