[LV2] [solved]State example?

hermann meyer brummer- at web.de
Sat Mar 16 23:15:57 PDT 2013

Am 16.03.2013 22:24, schrieb David Robillard:
> Ah.  With that, the preset you sent works unmodified for me:
> $ lv2infohttp://guitarix.sourceforge.net/plugins/gx_amp#GUITARIX
> [...]
> 	Presets:
> 	         ampeg
> It shows up in the menu in Jalv and restores successfully.
> -dr
Yep, you are right again :-) , I try'd it this morning again with fresh 
mind and cleaned directory's, and found presets saved by jalv working 
unmodified flawless in ardour3, qtractor and jalv as well.

So I hope Ardour3 will fix the bad preset save state soon.

One open point may be, that presets only get available when the host 
(ardour3 and as well jalv, in qtractor the preset save option is 
disabled here ) restarted after the preset is saved. That is a bit 
annoying when you play around with presets.


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