[LV2] Sending a port event from worker response - ingen problem

Joe Button ml_lv2plugin at joebutton.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 06:13:17 PST 2013

Hi there

I'm having trouble getting my plugin to send a notification from its 
worker response function to its UI. It seems to work in jalv.gtk and 
ardour, but not in ingen. This could be ingen's fault, but is more 
likely to be mine as I'm dabbling in forces I don't really understand.

The response function is here:

It writes an atom structure created by the worker to an atom forge which 
is connected to the UI notification port.

In jalv.gtk and ardour, the full atom structure is received at the UI's 
notification port. However ingen seems to get a structure with the 
preset_list vector missing. ie. this:
exits with "No preset list found".

Any hints?


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