[Devel] LV2 implementer poll (event buffer)

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Sun Feb 5 15:43:49 PST 2012


I am working on the successor to the event extension and its
EventBuffer.  This is the buffer used for MIDI in LV2 instruments and

I need to know:

 * Does anyone actually use the variable time stamp type stuff?  The
original idea here was to support tempo time, but it seems unlikely
anyone will do that in run()

 * Does anyone use the event_count field for anything other than
iterating over the events?  It would be nice to remove this.

 * Does anyone need the ability for the buffer payload to be not in the
same POD chunk as the header?  I would be nice to remove this pointer
and have the buffer be a POD chunk like everything else.  The original
idea was so e.g. hosts could make plugins write to fragments of other
buffers, but I can't think of a real use for this, and radical
simplification is the name of the game here.

 * Is anyone actually using non-POD events and references?

If anyone has any other gripes/suggestions for the event extension,
now's the time to make them heard.  Speak now or forever hold your
peace, etc.



P.S. I have avoided the "why does event need to be replaced" part to
keep it to the point, but if anyone is curious, I can explain

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