[LV2] LV2 X11 GUI generator/designer tool

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Feb 11 07:11:26 PST 2021


I'm currently working on a X11 based GUI generator/designer tool to make
LV2 GUI development a bit easier.

Current state is pre-alpha.

The tool is able to scan ttl files and create the needed control widgets
for a plugin, the widgets could be moved around, ordered in frames
and/or replaced by other control widgets (replace knob with slider etc.)

It's as well possible to just create a GUI without parsing a ttl, set
the controls,  ranges, labels, etc.

It' inspired by Glade (which we heavily used in guitarix), but the
generated output file is a plain C file.

The resulting GUI could already be used (a small makefile will be
generated together with the gui definition C file so the GUI library
could be build)

Currently only libxputty (by a included wrapper file) is supported to
act as back-end library for the generated file, but that is just a
question of writing wrappers for other widget toolkits.

As mentioned above, this is pre-alpha, so no release jet, but the issue
tracker is open for comments and suggestions, as for bug reports.

If you like to give it a go, here it is:




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