[LV2] New method "slider" to lv2 specification

MAXIPENNA@libero.it maxipenna at libero.it
Tue Jul 14 02:16:53 PDT 2020

Hello, I really want to understand this thing about lv2 specification, it cames to me into evidence when I created my lv2 how-to


and during the writing of the article I start to compare the specification with other existing technologies like


So the problem to me is the absence of the equivalent of method "@slider" (found in js scripting) in lv2 specification.

Imagine that you need to calculate the five coefficents of a simple biquad filter. The coefficients need to be changed when you rotate the "Freq" knob. In all the lv2 examples I've found, all the coeffs are re-calculated in the "run" method but, from what I know, it's wrong. In the run method I should execute only the code that implements the biquad cell.

The method slider should run in a separate thread and a signal or a variable used to notify run method to fetch the newly calculated coeffs when they're ready and start use them. In theory run thread should be able to mask the slider thread as much as he need it.

Let me know if you have other ideas or comments. Thanks in advance.


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