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Iurie Nistor iur.nistor at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 10:11:51 PDT 2020


I think there would be a problem if I'll save this kind of data into the 
state (as mentioned by Hanspeter Portner).

When this state is saved as a preset by the host it will become 
shareable, and this data is not relevant to be shared.

Probably, also I'll have to notify the host about change of the UI (for 
example, change of file browser directory).

The user may or may not save the sate when will close the host.

Thus, I think is not good for settings that needs to be saved for sure.

I need something the identifies the plugin instance. For example, when 
the host

loads the first time the plugin state it knows somehow for which plugins 
which state to get from the

disk. Thus, somewhere is kept a kind of a ID about the plugin instance.

What I want to do is to permit users to be able to load easily sound 
samples into the plugin,

and keep in a settings file at |$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pluginname| the last 
visited path/soundsample for every plugin instance.

The next time when the user will open the sample browser it will open 
the last visited path (even if the host was restarted).



On 8/25/20 2:57 PM, Vladimir Sadovnikov wrote:
> Hello Iurie!
> No, you need to use State interface to save/restore state of the plugin.
> Probably it would be good to have the State interface for the UI to 
> separate DSP state from UI state.
> Best,
> Vladimir
> 25.08.2020 14:28, Iurie Nistor пишет:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way I can get the LV2 plugin instance ID? I mean when
>> the user adds the plugin into the track, is there any ID associated 
>> to this added instance, and
>> remains the same even after restarting the host?
>> I want to use this ID to store settings about the plugin instance. 
>> Actually, this can be stored
>> into the plugin state, but I am not sure if this is right because I 
>> want to store things like
>> last directory visited by the user when browsing (with plugin UI) 
>> presets
>> or samples, and this to be saved per plugin instance.
>> Iurie
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