[LV2] Confusion between dylib on macOS

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 08:29:32 PDT 2020

On 08/14/20 15:57, Pierre Guillot wrote:
> Hello,
> I encountered a problem that seems to be specific to the way the LV2 
> dynamic libraries are loaded macOS. I try to explain my problem: the 
> plugin Camomile is a "versatile" plugin, basically, the user just has 
> to put a Pure Data patch next to the dynamic library, rename the 
> dynamic library accordingly to the patch and to create the ttl files 
> for the LV2 format. And once the plugin is loaded, the plugin will 
> load and run the Pure data patch (there is a small script released 
> with the plugin that does all of that automatically). It means that if 
> the user has two plugins (PluginA and PluginB), each LV2 bundle 
> contains the same dynamic library that has been renamed (from 
> CamomileLV2.dylib to PluginA.dylib and PluginB.dylib). It works fine 
> on Linux and Windows but on macOS, once a first plugin (Plugin1 for 
> instance) is loaded, any other "Camomile" plugin (like PluginB) cannot 
> be loaded. I tried to debug and it seems that even if the DAW found 
> PluginB (using the ttl files), when it tries to load this second 
> plugin (PluginB), it uses the dynamic library that has been previously 
> loaded (PluginA.dylib) that returns the URI of PluginA and so, that is 
> not consistent with PluginB.
> ...
> Any help would be really appreciated!

Hi Pierre.

Just to be clear, you are not using symbolic links for the dylib files 

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