[LV2] LV2 vs. Ardour: unexpected time.Position events and time.frames values

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Oct 26 11:51:42 PDT 2019

On 10/26/19 8:26 PM, Sven Jaehnichen wrote:
> With jalv, all time.frames are in the limits (0 .. n_samples).
> time_Position (usually) == 0, GUI events == n_samples, and midi_Events
> in between. Everything fine there.

GUI events == n_samples, is odd though. Events should be timestamped
0 <= ev.time < n_samples.

> But Ardour produces the described high (> n_samples) down counting (in
> n_samples steps) time.frames values for time_Position (although they
> were not requested in the .ttl).

OK. I misunderstood that then.

time.frames is the absolute transport-position. In Ardour's case it
corresponds to the playhead position on the timeline.

Jalv sets this to the jack-transport position. try e.g. with qjackctl
and roll or reposition the transport.


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