[LV2] LV2 vs. Ardour: unexpected time.Position events and time.frames values

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Oct 26 10:52:31 PDT 2019

On 10/26/19 6:40 PM, Sven Jaehnichen wrote:
> I used two separate atom input ports.

Why two? A single atom port can handle all data.
And yes it's a known issue. Ardour5 does not support multiple atom ports.

> #2 Putting both "atom:supports time:Position" and "atom:supports 
> midi:MidiEvent" into a single atom input port seemed to work fine.
> But I accidentally found out that no time.Position events were
> received by the plugin from Ardour in this case
This is odd. It works just fine here. Maybe compare to [1], [2].
Keep in mind that Ardour only notifies the plugin about changes. There
is no constant stream of messages.

> #3 [..] In contrast to all other events where time.frames <=
> n_samples in run() [..]
With jalv? If so that's likely a bug in jalv. GUI to DSP messages are
timestamped at n_samples, out of bounds.


[1] https://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-stepseq-8x8
[2] https://github.com/x42/stepseq.lv2/blob/master/src/stepseq.c#L147

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