[LV2] A question about plugin presets

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 06:27:49 PDT 2019

On 10/10/19 14:14, Iurie Nistor wrote:
> But I was thinking if maybe there would be some way (part of LV2 or 
> not) to have a standard, so the hosts can use it to populate their 
> preset browsers, to do all this categorization of presets, and also be 
> able to export in a portable format, so other host can reuse this. At 
> the same time, plugin author will not need to care about developing 
> their won preset browser and even their own preset files formats, but 
> just to follow the standard. What do you think about this?

This is already how lv2 presets work.

I think ardour saves session presets in the session directory (I can be 
wrong), but any lv2 preset saved in LV2_PATH will be visible by all hosts.
If you save a preset with, say, jalv, other lv2 hosts will see that 
preset next time they startup.
The presets are portable across machines and architectures too (unless 
they contain local paths, but that would be an issue in the plugin not 
the host)

See http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/presets/presets.html

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