[LV2] UIs for mono plugins

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Jul 22 14:28:02 PDT 2019

On 7/22/19 10:39 PM, Johannes Lorenz wrote:
> Why providing controls in LMMS when they are already in the plugin UI?

You may want to automate the controls, or show them inline.

> Should there be one UI for each side, or one for both, or should
> both options be possible?

One UI for all.

There are very few cases where dual-mono plugin with separate controls
make sense.

The convention is that the controls and control-automation are shared
between replicated instances.

Also keep other plugin standards in mind: VSTs usually gracefully
degrade to mono, and most AU plugins have variable-I/O for a fixed set
of controls.

Does LMMS offer tracks with more than 2 channels or a variable number of

e.g. replace a stereo MIDI-synth with a multi-out synth. FX-plugins
after the synth may need to be replicated and the host will have to deal
with a variable number of controls (and automation lanes, and control
surface bindings, etc).


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