[LV2] UIs for mono plugins

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Sun Jul 21 09:27:34 PDT 2019

Am 21.07.19 um 01:56 schrieb Johannes Lorenz:
> LMMS is currently trying to implement Lv2.

That's good news. I have never really used LMMS, mainly because LV2
plugins are essential to me.

So, this is is just a random opinion from an outsider:

> * Should there be one UI for each side, or one for both, or should both
> options be possible?

I'd prefer one for both with combined controls (see below).

> * If two UIs make sense, should we allow a user to link controls by
> using the "touch" feature? I.e.:
>   1. user presses a host button "link controls"
>   2. host UI tells user: now touch a plugin control
>   3. user touches plugin control
>   4. host UI recognizes touch and next time one mono plugin's control
> changes it somehow updates the control for the other mono plugin

Why so complicated? Parameters in LV2 have unique identifiers, so LMMS
should be able to link each parameter pair without user interaction.

My suggestion would be to develop a set of controls, which can act
either as a pair (of sliders, dials, buttons, etc) or as single ones,
switchable by "link" button below. The second slider, dial, button etc.
of a pair may or may not be hidden dynamically, when "link" is activated
or just greyed out (deactivated).

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