[LV2] should plugins somehow indicate whether they support MPE?

Henna Haahti grejppi at gmail.com
Sun Jun 25 07:04:23 PDT 2017

2017-06-21 17:18 GMT+03:00 Hanspeter Portner <dev at open-music-kontrollers.ch>:
> I was just thinking out loud whether there is a host-side-only way of handling
> expressive polyphony which would be backwards-compatible with a lot of existing
> MIDI synth plugins out there.
> I'm just being realistic here. New extensions are generally picked up very
> slowly by plugin/host authors. A new extension also makes it harder to port
> existing MIDI-based synths to LV2, etc.


could this be a good candidate for such an extension?
I designed it in 2015 but never got around to publishing it.
Reading this thread I realized it might be a good idea to do it now.
Please let me know what you think! :3

It is backwards-compatible with MIDI, by using the combination
of channel and note number as the identifier for a note, allowing
for 2048-part polyphony. This extension defines a way to send
additional parameters for those notes using atom objects.



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