[LV2] Possible bug in examploscope_ui.c

Samuel Cederlund essce at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 24 14:01:33 PST 2017

Hi all,
I'm working on a simple DAW program for Linux. The program constists of a sound synthesis server written in C++ and a gui program in Ocaml. So fare I have incorporated Calf, Guitarix and AMSynth in the program and have started on the x42 plugins. As an exercise, I started incorporating the eg-scope (examploscope). Now I have two questions about examploscope:In the port_event function in examploscope_ui.c it says: This is called by the host, typically at a rate of around 25 FPS. 
Is this something that applies to all gui port_event functions? What should be the arguments to this function in case, for example, the audio synthesis is not running?Also, in the port_event function, the atom object is tested for either raw audio or ui state. But the run() function in examploscope.c can forge two atoms after another in the buffer, one containing ui state and the second containing audio data. This would cause the audio data to be lost for the ui. Is this right, or have I missed something? 

Best regardsSamuel Cederlund
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