[LV2] inline plugin displays

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Sat Mar 19 03:16:09 PDT 2016

On 03/18/2016 08:10 PM, David Robillard wrote:
> On Wed, 2016-03-16 at 22:59 +0100, Robin Gareus wrote:

> Not a chance I'll be messing up my hosts like that, without some very
> good reasons why I should, and I don't see any.

Why should you? None of your hosts has a Mixer-Strip to begin with.

jalv has no use for inline displays and it's questionable if they'd be
useful in ingen which does not have the constraints of a Mixer. Ingen
can directly embed UIs with controls that one wants to have in a modular.

>> IMHO inline-displays are orthogonal to a new UI type. 

I still stand by that. If anyone wants to design a new UI type, please
do. I have no interest in doing that, but I'll gladly implement it in
hosts/plugins that I maintain as appropriate once there's a spec and

Anyway, the current state is https://github.com/drobilla/lv2/pull/8

It is implemented in Ardour/Mixbus as-is with the exception that
LV2_INLINEDISPLAY_URI is "http://harrisonconsoles.com/lv2/inlinedisplay"
I guess this will remain a 3rd party extension for some time, but if
someone else wants to take this to the next level, be my guest.


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