[LV2] X11 in Gtk3

Hanspeter Portner ventosus at airpost.net
Sun Dec 11 00:15:03 PST 2016

On 10.12.2016 16:24, David Robillard wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've added X11 in Gtk3 support to Suil in git, if anyone wants to tinker
> with that.  It's just a simple modification from the Gtk2 one which
> seems to work for me at first glance...
> http://git.drobilla.net/cgit.cgi/suil.git/commit/?id=80e9c5717d7a68e3a03640de84e36390caa21cbe
> We'll need to get native UIs working in Gtk3 for hosts to realistically
> be able to use/migrate to Gtk3, but I have no idea what that situation
> will be like on the other platforms...

Looking at the code, this will likely have the same deficiency as in
x11_in_gtk2 concerning missing KeyRelease events [1].

[1] http://dev.drobilla.net/ticket/1149

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