[LV2] pdlv2: generate lv2 plugins from pd patches

Alex Norman alex at x37v.info
Fri Apr 8 09:07:20 PDT 2016

I posted this on the pd list earlier today.. figured here is a good place as
well... Basically, I wanted to have a quick/easy way to create new lv2 plugins
and explore their use with my software DJ setup: https://github.com/x37v/datajockey

Its a bit heavy handed at the moment because pd/libpd doesn't have true 'multi
instance' support, so each instance of the plugin loads a unique copy of the
libpd library.. I also haven't tested the plugins under heavy load or with
hundreds of instances, but in my limited testing they've been working great.


Its interesting that Camomile and the updated pdvst were announced in these past
weeks as I've been working on pdlv2, a wrapper/parser the generates lv2 plugins
from pd patches.


Its a work in progress, I'm not announcing a 'release' at this time, but its
definitely usable and I'd love feedback, help with more example patches, help
with new features, etc.

It does audio, control and midi: in and out.
No GUI yet, though many hosts provide a default GUI [Ardour, jalv, .. ..]
Tested/developed on Linux, I don't have lv2 running on Mac so I'm not sure if it
would work there or not, I haven't heard of people using it on Windows...

Basically the workflow is this: you create a patch that has one or more of:
[inlet~], [outlet~], [send $1-lv2-blah], [receive $1-lv2-blah2], midi input or
output objects
And some a couple messages to define the name and unique URI for your plugin.
You then save this patch in a directory in the pdlv2 'plugins' directory and
call the patch 'plugin.pd'.
Then you run 'make', this runs a script that parses your patch to figure out how
to wrap it as an lv2 plugin, then writes the files it needs to do that and
builds the lv2 plugin.

Anyways, if you're interested take a look at the github link above, feel free to
email me at my personal email: alex at x37v.info, or contact xnor on freenode:
#dataflow and #lad


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