[LV2] Buffersize, Options and Externtion-Data

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 07:53:16 PDT 2015

My turn:

I pretty much agree with everything David has said: this is much ado about

Every machine I have used for audio has been CPU limited, not RAM limited.
So if you are worried about being wasteful, I'd prefer you not waste cycles
branching to decide if run() has been called with a larger number. I know
this is a small cpu hit, but imagine you had 200 plugins... Along that
vein, adding RAM is very inexpensive, adding CPU power, not so.

With this new definition for options:set I take comfort in the fact that
Johnny NewDev won't likely go through the trouble of adding options->set to
reallocate buffers. Unfortunately though he's more likely to do the more
egregious checking in run() (as is being done already).

I hope we have a resolution (as it appears so) and everyone knows what the
best practices are now and why.

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