[LV2] jalv hacking

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Sun Aug 30 07:16:25 PDT 2015

On Sun, 2015-08-30 at 07:33 +0200, Hermann Meyer wrote:
> jalv_apply_preset fails in that state, as jalv seems to need to load the 
> resources first.
> However, identify a preset by label have the advance that the option 
> could be used to set the windows tittle. The uri could be fetched by the 
> label identifier and then used.
> Indeed, it could be done the other way round, but I fail to see the big 
> difference.

The big difference is that labels are not an identifier.  At all.  In
any way.  No, not even a little bit.

It's flaky, slow, and a glob of messy code where one line would do and
be better in every way (since the whole thing is fundamentally designed
to look up things by URI).

> Could one plugin really have multiple presets with the same label? I've 
> tried that, and wasn't able to do so.


> But, as far I can see, the label is part of the uri anyway,

This is only true for presets saved by Jalv, but even then is only true
if the name happens to be restricted so it's not changed to make a
suitable directory name.

It's not true in general, and many if not most factory presets do not
follow that simplified structure, which only exists to make saving them
less of a nuisance.



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