[LV2] Feedback request: new LV2 website

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Thu Nov 20 22:33:02 PST 2014

Hi all,

LV2 has a PR problem, and I think it has reached the point where it is
damaging - or even threatening - to the project.

As part of addressing that problem, I have decided to drop Trac, and
rework the LV2 website as simple markdown files and use a static site
generator, hopefully encouraging contribution.

I have done an initial conversion/rewrite of most of the content, and
trimmed a lot of rotten junk.  Please check it out and let me know what
you think:

git clone http://lv2plug.in/git/site lv2-site

You will need Pelican and Markdown, then:

cd lv2-site
make html

and finally:

make serve

to run a server on localhost:8000 hosting the site, or simply:

xdg-open output/index.html

to open it in your browser.

Feedback welcome, patches even more welcome :)  I am trying to see this
from a new developer perspective: if one goes to see what LV2 is and/or
how to implement it, are they led to the appropriate things?

LV2 sorely needs a better face, and more community involvement in the
project itself.  Let's figure out how to make that happen, and do it.

(In a similar vein, I will be making a similar effort for the code,
moving it to git and cramming libraries and hosts into LV2 itself, soon.
 Zero-bullshit site that hits you in the face with what you need to
know, one stop "SDK" tarball with everything you need, with as much
militant simplification as we can get away with without breaking anything)


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