[LV2] LV2UI_Resize as extension_data

Spencer Jackson ssjackson71 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 21:53:06 PDT 2014

Hello all:

I'm trying to implement an FLTK (NTK really) GUI and the only trouble is
that it doesn't resize with the window. I think I finally understand how
its supposed to go:
If the extension data function is called with the uri for LV2UI__resize
then I pass back the LV2UI_Resize struct. The trouble is the first member
is whatever opaque data I wish to use when the function pointed to by the
second member is called. What I really need when the resize_ui function is
called is the instance of the GUI object created in the instantiate
function. So I need to somehow assign  the LV2UI_Handle to the
LV2UI_Feature_Handle. But I don't have access to it. How is this feature
supposed to work as plugin extension_data?

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best programmer, so I'm hoping there
is some obvious solution that I don't see. The code can be found at

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