[LV2] LV2: Communicate from the DSP to the UI

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Wed Oct 30 07:56:02 PDT 2013

On Sun, 2013-10-27 at 19:25 +0000, Aurélien Leblond wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In my lv2 plugin, I need to communicate information from the DSP to
> the UI, but I don't want to break the DSP/UI separation principle (no
> Instance or Data access). On top of that, I'm using LVTK.
> The type of data I'm trying to move is a Vector of Float (buffer type
> Sound in the ttl)
> The port is defined in the TTL as follows:
>     a lv2:OutputPort, atom:AtomPort ;
>     atom:bufferType atom:Float ;

This means the port buffer is connected to an atom:Float, i.e. literally
points to ONE LV2_Atom_Float.  NOT a sequence, or a vector.  Doesn't
sound like that's what you want...

If you're doing anything messagey, Sequence is essentially always what
you want.  Anything else would be a value of some fancy Atom type, which
could be theoretically useful, but isn't really supported by anything
right now.

Sorry for the late reply, fell behind on the list.  Busy busy...


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