[LV2] LV2: Communicate from the DSP to the UI

Aurélien Leblond blablack at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 12:25:20 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,

In my lv2 plugin, I need to communicate information from the DSP to
the UI, but I don't want to break the DSP/UI separation principle (no
Instance or Data access). On top of that, I'm using LVTK.

The type of data I'm trying to move is a Vector of Float (buffer type
Sound in the ttl) - but even basic information on how to transfer a
Float from the DSP to the UI would be valuable.

What I have do so far in the DSP (run method)
    m_forge->set_buffer((uint8_t*)p(p_notify), sizeof(float));
//p_notify being the atom port
    m_forge->sequence_head(m_notify_frame, 0);

    ForgeFrame p_frame;
    Atom p_msg = m_forge->write_blank(p_frame, 1, urids.atom_Float);
    m_forge->property_head(urids.atom_value, 0);
    m_forge->write_float(1604); //test data i'm trying to move

In my UI, I just want to see if I receive this data
In the port_event method, at the moment the only thing I'm doing is:
    std::cout << port << " - " << format << std::endl;

The port is defined in the TTL as follows:
    a lv2:OutputPort, atom:AtomPort ;
    atom:bufferType atom:Float ;
    atom:supports <http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/patch#Message> ;
    lv2:index 1 ;
    lv2:symbol "notify" ;
    lv2:name "Notify" ;

At the moment, the code compiles and runs without crashing (yeah!),
but nothing happens (boo!).
Would you guys have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

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