[LV2] [LAD] LV2: Communicate from the DSP to the UI

Aurélien Leblond blablack at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 00:05:20 PST 2013

> >> > I've just brushed it up a bit, removed all raw-atom write calls,
> >> > RDF attributes for channel-id, etc and also sanitized the drawing
> >> > routine somewhat. pushed to
> >> >
> >> >   https://github.com/x42/sisco.lv2
> >> >
> >> > Now it is a proper example and should be about halfway towards your
> >
> > Perhaps a good candidate for "official" (i.e. included) example?
> eg-scope, sure, fine with me; but please give me a few days to add some
> more comments to the source: elaborate on Atom-msgs and clearly note
> that the scope display itself is horribly wrong design. It's actually a
> perfect textbook example of what *not* to do:
> * no thread sync. it redraws somewhat randomly
> * it's neither accurate nor stable
> * it displays raw samples (a proper scope should^Wmust not do that)
> * the display itself just connects min/max line segments
> * no labels, no scale, no calibration
> * ...
> maybe Aurélien is going to address some of these issues, and his project
> will eventually be suited better for inclusion as official example.

Probably not suitable, as I'm using the LVTK wrapper.

> Alternatively removing the drawing routine would IMHO be appropriate for
> an example atom-vector communication plugin.
> @Aurélien: are you planning to implement a trigger mechanism and/or
> history? any plans to add up-sampling and interpolation? what about
> markers and numerical readout?

It is a port of the dssi ll-scope:
- trigger mechanism for redraw
- no up-sampling or interpolation I could find in the code, but I could be
wrong there as I didn't dig that deep yet into the gtk widget code
- it has markers but no numerical readout
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