[LV2] multiple channel configurations in lv2 plugin

Julien Pommier pommier at modartt.com
Mon Mar 11 09:36:02 PDT 2013


Suppose that I have an LV2 plugin that can provide up to five output 
channels. Right now, when I instanciate it on an ardour 3 midi track, it 
is created with 5 channels and its track has a 5-channel panner control 
that is very different of the usual stereo pan control. I think users 
will want to instanciate the plugin most of the time as a simple stereo 
instrument, and sometimes as a 5 channels instrument. I would like to 
know what is the recommended way to handle this (a variable number of 
output channels) ? Is there some mechanism for that in LV2 that I have 
overlooked, or maybe should I simply create a version of the plugin for 
each channel configuration that I would like to provide (in this case, I 
would make a stereo version of the plugin, and a 5-channel version) ?


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