[LV2] Fixed Buffersize Extension Question

Georg Holzmann grh at mur.at
Sun Jan 27 04:43:23 PST 2013


Thanks for the insights!
And sorry for the noob questions, all this LV2 extensions are a bit 
confusion for me ... ;)

> It sounds like all you actually need is *maximum* block length?  This is
> much simpler to support, virtually all hosts should be able to (*fixed*
> block length is difficult and controversial).  I know that Jalv, Ardour
> 3, and Ingen currently do, not sure about others[1].  Implementing it is
> a simple matter of passing the required information to the plugins
> instantiate method, so adding support should be easy.
> I recommend relying on maxBlockLength if you need it, and encouraging
> hosts to implement support.  It is crucial information for many things.

Hm, relying on a maxBlockLength would be at least a little bit easier ...
However, I think I will rather re-buffer everything in my code - because 
I fear it would take a long time until these features are usable in 
hosts distributed by various linux distributions ...

BTW (off topic):
Is there also any host on windows for LV2 plugins? Does e.g. audacity 
support it (I just read posts on there dev list)?

Thanks for the answers and have a nice weekend ;)

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