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Warren Koontz profwub at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 06:23:29 PST 2013

My plugin uses an array of buffers with different lengths. I am considering
options for implementation:

Programming 101 option:

#define ORDER 8 // number of buffers
#define MAXLEN 5000 // length of largest buffer
float buffer[ORDER][MAXLEN];
unsigned ptr[ORDER];

Programming 201 option:

#define ORDER 8
struct Buffer {
    float *buf;
    unsigned ptr;
} buffer[ORDER];
unsigned size[] = {/* list of buffer lengths */};
for (unsigned i = 0; i < ORDER; i++)
    buffer[i].buf = new float[size[i]];

Programming 301 option:

class Buffer etc.

The latter two options require dynamic allocation and freeing. Can this be
safely done in activate and deactivate? I could also do the allocation in
the constructor for my plugin but, since I am using lv2-c++-tools and
inheriting from the plugin class, I am not sure where I can do the freeing.
I hate to go with the 101 option - looks too much like my MATLAB
implementation. But if it is the safest way ...

Thanks again.

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