[LV2] Internal GTK UI Not Being Detected and Also: External Python UIs?

Kaspar Emanuel kaspar.emanuel at gmail.com
Sat Dec 7 10:50:05 PST 2013


I have run out of things to try on getting a basic GTK UI added to my
plugin: https://github.com/kasbah/slim_looper.lv2/tree/feat-internal-ui/src

I just copied the eg-sampler code for the time being and cut out what I
don't need and added what I though I needed to the ttl files and changed
the URIs. Jalv just doesn't detect it and I have no idea how to get more
info beyond that. A second pair of eyes  to see if I am doing something
stupid are very much appreciated.

On a semi-related note, how would I go about writing an external UI in
Python (PySide), is it possible? I have seen the KXstudio externalui
extension but don't fully understand it yet (hence I am playing with the
internal UI) and haven't found any examples using UIs written in anything
but C or C++.


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