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Filipe Lopes falktx at gmail.com
Fri May 4 09:08:51 PDT 2012

hey there everyone,

I've been working a new LV2 extension with Rui (a.k.a. rncbc, Qtractor's
developer) regarding midi-programs.
The purpose is simple - allow to plugin to tell the host about his
midi-programs, and the host to change them on the fly.

Currently LV2 Presets are managed by the host, and the plugin has no
control over them.
Although it is possible to collect all presets related to a plugin and map
them to ints for this, it's not in any sense pratical.
(The host would have a lot of work ensuring a session presets 100% match
another session, as LV2 presets can be changed at anytime by the user).

A simple and easy solution is a C API similar to the DSSI
The plugin tells the host which midi-programs it has available, and allows
the host to select one.

The spec is still in draft and being tested at the moment (although already
works in it's base form).
I've reserved a namespace on my page for it (as I don't expect this to be
fully accepted by we know who...)

May I preset you, LV2 Programs extension:

Don't pay too much attention in the text of the C header, it was originally
copied from the DSSI API.
Remember this is still a draft.

Comments welcome!
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