[Devel] Feature request: error/debug message extension.

David Robillard d at drobilla.net
Sun Jan 15 16:16:40 PST 2012

On Sun, 2012-01-15 at 18:02 -0600, Gabriel M. Beddingfield wrote:
> On 01/15/2012 05:57 PM, David Robillard wrote:
> > So, restricted format strings, okay, but... is being able to print in
> > the audio thread worth all this?  What is a sensible non-debugging
> > example of wanting to do so?  Given the amount of PITA and how
> > ridiculously complicated this consideration is making a glorified print
> > function, I (and presumably anyone else who would have to implement it)
> > could use a compelling example or two... personally I doubt I'd even
> > implement the audio thread version otherwise.
> ...which suggest simple memcpy() logging and plugins are responsible for 
> their own formatting.  :-)

Given how immensely annoying such an API would be, and that it would
require every plugin to have a printf implementation to actually be
useful... which in the real world probably means they simply won't do
the RT safe thing at all... no.  Ruining the API for this dubiously
useful border case would be ridiculous.

What it suggests is that printing in realtime is not worth it.  I'm all
ears for examples to prove otherwise...


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