[Devel] error in documentation for presets extension

Ricardo Wurmus ricardo.wurmus at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 07:59:36 PST 2012


I think there is an error in the documentation for the presets
extension[1]. It currently says this:

    Presets may be defined in any bundles, including the plugin's
bundle, separate third party
    preset bundles, or user-created preset bundles created by hosts.
The manifest.ttl of a bundle
    containing presets should list the presets like so:

        a              pset:Preset ;
        pset:appliesTo eg:myplugin ;
        rdfs:seeAlso   <mypreset.ttl> .

The (possible) error is that it says "pset:appliesTo" instead of
"lv2:appliesTo". I have tested a snippet
like this in my plugin, but jalv won't find the preset if it is listed
like that. Changing "pset:appliesTo" to
"lv2:appliesTo" while retaining "pset:appliesTo" in the preset's ttl
file results in jalv discovering the preset.

Is this expected behaviour or have I really found an error in the documentation?

[1] http://lv2plug.in/ns/ext/presets/

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